User rules

The reading room is intended for studying and use of library materials. When entering the reading room, you must report to the library staff. You can enter the reading room only with things necessary for working in the reading room. No food, beverages, or tobacco are allowed. Users must silence mobile devices and leave the reading room to place or receive calls.


The services of the library of the Faculty of Law in Split can be used by:

  • students of the Faculty of Law in Split
  • employees and associates
  • external users (students of the University of Split, academic community, general public)

Students use library services upon presentation of the Index. Employees and collaborators use library services in consultation with the library staff. External users can also use the Library's services in agreement with the library manager and upon presentation of an identity card (in the reading room).

Loan (working hours: 10 - 14)

Students of the Faculty of Law are loaned books from the general fund for use outside the library. It is possible to borrow three books for a period of two weeks. It is possible to extend it by another two weeks in agreement with the library staff. The requested material must be reserved in advance. (Periodicals and doctoral dissertations can only be used for work in the reading room).

Settlement of all obligations towards the Library is a condition for issuing the Certificate of Graduation.


Lists of exam and seminar literature and the news bulletin are available to users, and they can also use the computers located in the Faculty's hall and in the Library's corridors.

Users can also use the computers located in the Library to obtain information about the library collection. Information about the Library's holdings and other domestic and foreign literature is available via the Internet on the Library's website.

At the user's request, the library's professional staff help users search the library catalog online.