Library manager

mr. sc. Ivona Matas, mag. iur., mag. bibl.

tel. 021/393 586

Tomislav Staničić, M.J., senior librarian

tel. 021/393 560






07:30 - 20:00 (mon - fri)

About the library

Shortly after the establishment of the Faculty of Law in Split in 1960, a specialised library was set up, which later developed into a faculty library. From the very beginning of the Faculty's activities, the importance of the library for the work of students and lecturers was recognised. From the beginning, the library was organised according to professional standards. Today, the faculty library contains about 120,000 volumes of monographic and serial publications

The first library fund was realised through numerous donations from the Split Court and various law offices, and today's procurement policy is primarily based on the needs of the scientific teaching and research programme of the Faculty of Law of the University of Split. The exchange of the proceedings of the Faculty of Law in Split with publications of other institutions also contributed significantly to the increase of the library fund.

The collection consists mostly of scientific and professional publications from the domestic press, foreign publications (monographs and series) and valuable older editions of legal literature. Through interlibrary loan, the library also makes literature available to its users that it does not own. The structure of the library fund is as follows: 60% of the material is in law, while the rest is mainly in political science, philosophy, history, sociology and reference works. The library has over 1,000 titles of domestic and foreign journals in its collection. Database which can be used in the library: HeinOnline, Westlaw, IUS-INFO.

Most of the library materials are processed digitally, as the library is part of the network of Croatian libraries - CROLIST - which gives users online access to a large part of the collections of other higher education and university libraries. Four professional staff members are permanently employed in the library.

The library is a member Association of Librarians of Law and Related Libraries of Southeast Europe (SEALL).

Within the library there is a modern READING ROOM, which has 33 reading places and is open for users from 8:00 to 20:00 on weekdays.