MON to FRI -from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m

Head of department:

Vera Perić, Master of Law- (021) 393 572

Employees :

Mirta Borović, mag. iur. - (021) 393 570
Alen Šušnjar, Admin. publ. Specialist - (021) 393 553
Damir Ujević, Master of Law. - (021) 393 569
Miroslav Mijatović, Master of Law. - (021) 393 568

(021) 393 595


  • Implements the decisions of the Faculty Council, prepares decisions at the request of students (transitions, recognition of exams from other faculties, etc.),
  • takes care of the organisation of classes (timetables for full-time and part-time students),
  • takes care of classification procedures
  • enrolls students,
  • issues certificates at the request of students (enrollment, passed exams, graduation, etc.),
  • keeps records of graduated students,
  • certifies students for the academic year, arranges and determines examination dates within the examination deadlines,
  • prepares records for the preparation and printing of diplomas and the awarding of doctorates,
  • keeps records of examination books, enters students' achievements from examination books on cards prepares reports and analyses of teaching results and other professional analyses for the needs of the faculty,
  •  keeps records of student cards and enrolment sheets
  • conducts necessary correspondence and reports to the Central Bureau of Statistics

Head of department:

Mara Barun, Ph. D.

Head of department:

Mara Barun, Ph. D.

The postgraduate programme "Maritime Law and Law of the Sea" was founded in 1978. In its many years of work, in addition to the scientific and teaching activities, the part of administrative and technical work certainly also plays an important role, without which the study programme could not achieve its goal.

The Office of the Postgraduate Study Programme performs the following tasks:

  • it enrols students, keeps the register book and the students' identity cards
  • conducts correspondence with students and teachers,
  • takes care of the requirements for proper teaching, compiles the timetable for the various forms of teaching,
  • - keeps the minutes of the Council of the Postgraduate Education Programme,
  • manages the administration and takes care of the conditions for the proper conduct of specialised courses,
  • keeps the doctoral and master's book of the Faculty and performs all administrative tasks related to the defence of doctoral, master's and specialist degrees.
  • prepares statistical reports:
    • a) annual report of scientific research and research and development organizations,
    • b) report for the order of lectures of the University of Split,
    • c) report on scientific and teaching staff,
  • - keeps the register of employees and personnel files, performs tasks related to health and pension insurance of employees
  • performs tasks related to the establishment, termination and modification of employment relationships, performs other tasks inherently related to this department.

Head of department:

Renata Bašić Mijatović, Master of Law


Antonija Beus
Jelena Jukić


The area of financial reporting is prescribed by the Regulation on Budgetary Accounting (OG 96/64 and 108/96) and the Regulation on Financial Reporting for the Budget and Budget Users. All business events and transactions are recorded on the basis of accounting records and in accordance with the Regulation on Financial Reporting for budget users.

Basic and auxiliary books are kept in bookkeeping, as follows:

  • basic books: General Ledger I records all income and expenditure; General Ledger II records balances and changes in assets, liabilities and sources of property.
  • b) Auxiliary books: book of incoming accounts, book of outgoing accounts, book of purchases and book (list) of investments.

The accounts provide data on income and expenditure of budgetary funds and funds arising from the conduct of own activities. Statistical reports, semi-annual and annual financial statements are prepared during the year and submitted to the competent Ministry, the State Audit Office and the Payments Authority Unit.



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