In modern living conditions, the organization of society and the state is inconceivable without the organization of a modern, efficient, rational and economical public administration, which will meet the growing needs of social affairs management. The interconnectedness of the administration of law and the overall complexity of national, international and transnational law today, require adequately educated professionals who are able to cope with all the requirements
societies and professions. The problems of public administration in the modern state are complex and complex in many ways, and in addition to public law, they also include the sociological, economic and even political dimension. The knowledge and skills of a modern administrative expert are diverse. They include both administrative-legal and administrative-technical skills. A wide fund of knowledge that can only be acquired through appropriate and systematic education, would enable employees in state administration bodies, other state bodies, public services, and bodies of local self-government units, to be able to solve various and complex problems in management. various social affairs.

Competences acquired:

The right to enroll in in part-time specialist graduate professional administrative study programme is granted to persons who have completed a professional administration degree programme (180 ECTS credits), professional or an undergraduate degree programme in economics, journalism, political science or criminology.

The study programme may also be taken up by persons who have completed other professional undergraduate study programme or equivalent study programme, if they work in state administrative bodies, local self-government units, other state bodies, institutions, state and public agencies, companies providing services to citizens in public service. as well as associations and political parties.

Foreign citizens can also study under the same conditions.

  • Professional or academic title or degree awarded on completion of studies

    • Upon completion of the specialist graduate professional Management study, the title and competencies are acquired public administration specialist.

1 year Specialist graduate professional

I semester Specialist graduate professional Administrative study

II semester Specialist graduate professional Administrative study