Interlibrary cooperation 

According to the provisions Of the Law on Libraries and Library Activity (OG 17/2019) library materials and library activities are of interest to the Republic of Croatia and enjoy its special protection, and the situation is similar in other areas. The basic principle of library business in relation to users is the best possible availability of materials and information, and in that sense, cooperation between libraries occupies a special place.

Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan is a service that procures library materials from other libraries in Croatia and abroad for the users of our library (teachers and students) for scientific and professional education and is not owned by the Library of the Faculty of Law in Split.

Interlibrary loan of materials from abroad for the users of our library is carried out by the University Library in Split and the National and University Library in Zagreb. The cost of borrowing and delivery is borne by the Faculty for its staff and students if the request is necessary for the needs of scientific and professional work or study. The request is sent by e-mail to the Head of the Library and contains information about the requested publication approved by the Dean of the Faculty.

It is important to note that cooperation between libraries increases the possibility of exchange of experience and training of professional staff, which also leads to better services.

The library of the Faculty of Law in Split is included in the work Croatian Library Association  and actively participates in the work Commissions for Legal and Related Libraries: (

Among the international professional associations, we highlight the Library's active membership in the Association of Librarians of Law and Related Libraries of Southeast Europe (SEALL), which has had its formal seat at the Faculty of Law in Split since 2009. Thanks to the long-term activities of this association, the availability of academic and professional information has improved throughout the region.