2021 Korean Studies Promotion Program

The Academy of Korean Studies has announced the funding plan for the 2021 Korean Studies Promotion Program, which is to strengthen the foundation of Korean Studies globally by providing support for relevant projects of the overseas institutions.


If your university is interested in establishing Korean Studies or research center related to Korea, I believe this project could be a great opportutnity. Please feel free to forward the attachment ‘2021 Korean Studies Promotion Program.zip‘ to the relevant office/ faculty under your university for further review.

More info and necessary forms are available below.


1-2. 2021 Seed Program for Korean studies Application Guidlines

2-2. 2021 Core University Program Application Guideline

3-2. 2021 Laboratory Program Application Guideline

4-2. 2021 Strategic Research Institute Program Application Guidelines

5-2. 2021 Academic Transtation of Korean Texts Program Application Guidelines

2021 Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) Program

As one of Korean government’s scholarship program, GKS Program invites scholarship candidates from Croatia who wish to pursue a graduate level degree(master’s or doctoral degree) in Korea.


The scholarship covers tuition fees, airfare, monthly stipend, health insurance, etc. The application should be submitted to the Korean Embassy in Zagreb by March 19, 2021.


I would like to kindly seek your cooperation in promoting this scholarship by spreading the attached file ‘2021 Global Korea Scholarship.zip’ and our embassy webpage(hr) (http://overseas.mofa.go.kr/hr-hr/brd/m_9050/view.do?seq=761598) to the faculties under your university. I hope that many [Croatian/ Bosnian] students could learn about this opportunity to study in Korea.

More info and all necessary forms can be reached below:

2021 GKS-G Application FAQs (ENGLISH-KOREAN)

2021 GKS-G Application Forms

2021 GKS-G Application Guidelines (English)

2021 GKS-G Available Universities & Fields of Study(English)

2021 GKS-G University Information(Korean-English)